"This Book Could be Worth a Million Dollars to you" - Napoleon Hill

There are 2 things that you need to know if you want to be wealthy. 


“I have a passion for reading books. May that be business or personal development, there are things someone has already figured out and I would rather build on that, instead of reinventing the wheel. I live by the motto learn, apply and repeat. Learn new information, Apply that information in the real world and Repeat it in order to commit to memory. “




Have a Big Vision with Smaller Milestones 

Creating and achieving goals is an integral part of being human. I think goals are essential for living a meaningful life. Goals give you a path to follow. When adversity hits, you have your goals to fall back on. They are something you can keep in mind to give you...

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Simplicity Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

We live in a world of constant distractions. From push notifications to TV commercials, there is a constant demand for our attention. This constant demand requires a lot of our brain’s processing power – something that is reserved for the important decisions we make...

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Why Did Your Product Fail?

Why did your product fail? Did you introduce a product with a perfect marketing strategy, but it still didn’t come through? As a small business owner, I bet you see ideas everywhere. They could be digital or physical; you are an idea machine. No matter what the...

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